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An Advertiser Should Group Their Campaigns By: Ad Agency LA

An Advertiser Should Group Their Campaigns By: Ad Agency LA

An advertiser should group their campaigns by:

  • Type of product or service
  • Number of keywords
  • Maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids
  • Number of ad groups per campaign

The correct answer is:

  • Type of product or service


There are numerous things that an advertiser has to keep in mind when running their ad campaigns. An important that needs to be taken into consideration is how to group ads? Well, we have an answer to your question!! An advertiser should group their campaigns by the type of product or service they are offering to their customers.

You should organize your account in such a way that the right customer can get the right ads. It helps your customers to track you better and can be reached to you whenever required. If you wish to run your advertisement campaigns effectively, it is vital to execute it with proper planning. You should adopt a set of rules to get a high number of visitors and achieve a heavy Return on Investment (ROI). Furthermore, if you are getting confused, you can take help from us. We are one of the best Advertising Agencies in Los Angeles that works to produce better results for our client’s business.

The expert team we have will help you to group your campaigns according to the type of products and services. Doing this reflects the structure of your website. Suppose you are offering a product like, kids wear. The ad campaign for this specific product should be grouped with the list of related keywords. These keywords are relevant to the text you are displaying in your ads. The product page of your website is then directly linked to the ad you are running campaigns for. So, whenever any user clicks the advertisement, it directly navigates to your website’s product page.

This process provides ease for the customers looking for a particular product, as he needs not to waste his time in searching by exploring the whole of the website.

Some good practices an advertiser should do to organize their campaigns!!

  • You should use a different set of campaigns when you are targeting different locations and budgets too. Let us explain this with the help of an example, you are selling shoes and clothing too but you have dissimilar budgets and targeted locations for both of these products. In this case, it is advisable to run two different campaigns.
  • While on the other hand, if you are targeting the same location set and budget, you must run only one ad campaign.
  • In the headline of your ad, never forget to put the relevant keyword, as it increases the chance that a customer will get attracted to you than an ad running without the relevant keyword in the headline.
  • We would like to suggest you use at least 3 ads in each ad group. You can also use Ad rotation settings for optimizing your ads for clicks.

Tie all this information together and group your ad campaigns!!

Is this information looks good for you?

If you are satisfied with the details provided here and want to gain further knowledge, you can connect the Advertising agency in Los Angeles. We will help you by delivering the best information.

What Common Mistake Do Presenters Often Make In Organizing Presentation​ Content?

What Common Mistake Do Presenters Often Make In Organizing Presentation​ Content?

Read this carefully to know the common mistakes do presenters often make in organizing presentation content!!

Are you keen to know what common mistakes do presenters often make in organizing presentation content? If not then let us help you to dive deeply into it. Starting to prepare the content for your presentation a week before could cost to your audience. Therefore, the time frame in this matters a lot.

Numerous pitfalls may appear while you are preparing your content. To overcome the shortcomings, get instant help from us. We are a Content Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, California that works hard for gaining the best results for a company’s profitability. The team we are equipped with, know all the tactics to work on content marketing strategies to attract maximum customers.

Some good qualities of a well-presented content are, it must be informative, inspiring, and definitely motivating. Some presenters keep these things well in mind and prepare accordingly. While some lack this and come to make various mistakes which are hard to ignore. Here we are enlisting some of the general mistakes that a presenter frequently makes.

Mistake 1#

A presenter has not prepared enough:

There are times when you have not practiced enough to give the presentation effectively. Nail your presentation by practicing more and more. When you do practice over and over, you are more prone to come across your shortcomings. Therefore, practicing will let you know your weak areas and you can start working accordingly.

Furthermore, an unpracticed presenter is often found in the condition of lacking confidence. This lack of confidence comes across big time. Hence, it is vital to prepare well before you are to be a presenter.

Mistake 2#

Risk Analysis not done:

It is advisable to be familiar with the pieces of equipment you are going to use for your presentation. Like you are on the stage and suddenly the device stops working or there is an issue with your projector or there might be a USB installation error. And it will create a bad impact on your audience. All your efforts will get in vain. It is therefore suggested to get you familiar with the tools by conducting a prior risk analysis. Avoid these types of awkward situations.

Mistake 3#

You are taking no notice of your audience:

There are times when speakers get busy in their presentation in such a way that they ignore their audience’s needs. Always give a clear idea to them by letting them know what you are going to talk about firstly, when there is a session for a break, whether you are to take questions amidst the presentation, and many other necessary things.

This way your audience can make concentration only on what you are going to present. Try to avoid this disaster!!

Mistake 4#

You are using inappropriate content:

Try to learn what your audience needs to hear from you? Know about their requirements and expectations. The pitch you are going to use should be according to them and the information you are sharing must be understandable. Any unfitting material may lead to bad reputation. So, if you do not want to spoil your personality, avoid using any jargon.

It would be great if you start performing research on your audience, try to know them deeply, and deliver content accordingly. We also recommend you make your presentation personalize and establish a relationship with each person by greeting them and asking questions. This will allow you to know their feelings and understanding and hence they can pay more attention to what you say.

Mistake 5#

You are too wordy:

Always remember that people often get bored by too lengthy or verbose content. Present your words in such a way that it gets completed concisely at the same time completing its meaning and sense. Do not put yourself in danger by taking the risk of presenting too verbosely. If you are willing to keep your audience focused on you, limit yourself to only the necessary and required information.

Keep in mind that “Words have power”, so communicate according to the user needs and expectations clearly and concisely.

Also read this article about: How to Become A Content Writer and don’t forget to share your thoughts below in comments.

Mistake 6#

Usage of ineffective Graphics:

In case you want your presentation not to get spoiled, you need to make stunning slides by using the right graphics. Many times are there when people use fonts that are hard to read, too many unnecessary animations are inserted, and many other dire things. This lessens interaction and hence the interest of any viewer.

Additionally, choose colors in such a way that it does not look awkward or hard to read. For instance, you are using your background with any dark color, and then try to make use of text of light color that can be easily visible and readable. Likewise, when the background is of light color, the text color should be used dark. If possible, try to make contrasts so that your presentation looks effective.

Visualization makes a great impact on your audience. So, a presenter should insert high-quality images in such a way that they are relevant to the text you are inserting.

Mistake 7#

Do not Jam-pack the text:

Never stuff much information in your presentation. Stick yourself to only the main and vital points. Short and concise information is always liked by the audience and you should follow them accordingly. Insert a maximum of four to five words in a sentence and make a habit of using bullet points. But keep in mind that there should be only three bullet points in a single slide. People find it easy to read and understand with bullet points.

We would also like to suggest you use only a maximum of 10 slides in a presentation. Review the presentation carefully which you made and think about the information you can put into and remove the unfit one.

Mistake 8#

Being Incoherent in public speaking:

When you want to connect with your audience with the ideas or statements that are insensibly and unclearly connected, it distracts them. It is a fact that speaking in public is quite a tough task; your nerves may make you walk away but this is a very important point and needs a lot of practice.

Due to nervousness, your audience may miss the chance to grab your mandatory information. You can try deep breathing to control your nerves and speak in public with full confidence and coherency.

Mistake 9#

Being Inactive:

A presenter should be dynamic; he should not keep chasing a particular topic throughout the presentation. Showcase with your body language and gestures that you are passionate about the information you are delivering. Eye contacting and hand gestures are the most important accessories that make you confident and energetic.

Mistake 10#

Averting Eye Contact:

Suppose you are in an event and the speaker is wasting his time watching here and there, like he is watching the ceiling, floor, his watch, his clothes, etc. In a nutshell, he is not making eye contact with the audience sitting in front of him. How does it look? Does it look well? Definitely no!!

Therefore, try to establish a connection with the viewers and communicate your emotions by making eye contact at least once with everyone sitting.

The Above described blueprints will help you to make your presentation a better one.

Do you want to learn more?

In case you are finding anything difficult to make your presentation good, you can take help from us. We are a content marketing agency in Los Angeles that delivers effective and quality content marketing services. Get connected with us now to establish stronger customer relationships.

New Google Adwords Ad Rank Formula – How it works?

New Google Adwords Ad Rank Formula – How it works?

Recently, AdRank has introduced its new ad ranking formula, which is even more advanced than before, and of course producing more results to the advertisers. And if you’re running ads via Google Ads (formerly, Google Adwords) then no doubt that you’re going to increase the ROI from the advertisement. We all are well aware of AdRank and what value does it hold in the marketing campaign to rank the ads so that it appears on the top, and you get most of the results.

From the very first day of public access to Google Ads many of the advertisers have gained more than expected growth from the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. Google has certain algorithms that help and changes the ranking of an ad. But have no worries, we’ll discuss the new ad rank formula and other factors that will help you generate more returns.

For people who’re new to digital marketing, Google Ads (also Google AdWords) is an advertising platform by Google where people (advertisers) bid on some keywords (related to their business/service). Then their ads appear on Google’s search results.

You might be wondering that if I bid higher, my ads will appear on the top, but the bitter truth is, it is not how you’re thinking. Suppose if you and your competitor both are targeting the same keywords, who you think come on the top? The one who pays more? No.

If you’re running an ad on Google Ads, then the position of your ad may differ based on your ad rank. If your ad has got the highest ad rank, then your ad will be on the top position. But how ad rank calculation is done?

The visibility of your ad is entirely dependent upon the ad rank. Google ad rank formula follows a basic calculation:

Ad Rank = CPC Bid x Quality Score

The formula listed above is the old one, the new method to enhance the rank of the ads is furthermore optimized and advanced to bring more results by giving scope to advertisers to display more information in their ads for better engagement and clicks.

Google has recently announced it’s new ad ranking formula that can be used to calculate the ranking of the ads.

Ad Rank = CPC Bid x Quality Score x Ad Extensions & Formats

You must be wondering about why the update was needed? Well, that’s because, with the more advanced formula, it becomes easier for advertisers to better the experience of their audience by providing more optimal and required details. It helps to increase the rate of engagement. Meanwhile, it also helps to better the CPC as the required details could be found within the ads, hence brings more potential clicks.

Before we move further, let’s understand about both of the concepts, i.e., CPC Bid and Quality Score.

1: Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

CPC bidding simply means the amount you will pay for every click that is made on your ads. It has a panel to set a maximum cost-per-click bid, that means you’re telling the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for every click you get on your ads.

If you create an ad campaign, you’ll get a keyword research tool, which gives about some estimated amount of bid that you should go to bring your ad on the top of the results page. Most of the time it works, whereas in some instances it goes off. The best thing you can do is, putting the bid amount a bid higher than the estimated one. Once you start your ad campaign, based on the performance, you can reduce your CPC. In case you find the performance going down, you can again increase the CPC bid. It helps to optimize ad campaigns with better results.

CPC and Max CPC are two different things, CPC simply means the amount you’re paying to Google for every click that is made. Whereas for Max CPC, it means that it is the maximum amount you’ll pay for any click that’s done. Means, you won’t be charged more than your max CPC.

2: Quality Score

As the name suggests, it is entirely related to the quality, the better the score you get, the better your ads get treated. There is a countless number of ads created every day, as per the Google AdWords ad ranking formula, the quality is a must, and for that further categorization is done. It goes like:

  1. Relevancy of an Ad
  2. Relevancy of the Page
  3. Click-Through-Rate.

Furthermore, for every category, the sub-category goes like:

  1. Below Average
  2. Average
  3. Above Average

No doubt that everyone wants better quality score, so it is suggested that your ad must have quality score average or above average, it should never be below average. As if you go with below-average quality scores, then the ad rank will reduce, hence more CPC bids, this is an overall failure of the whole ad campaign.

Some of the good practices to enhance the Ad Relevance for better quality score are:

Make sure your ad contains your keyword, as it gets highlighted, and the audience will get a better notice on it.

Likewise, putting a keyword in the headline is also recommended, as it represents an ad as a complete solution to the user.

Also, you can and should put keywords in the URLs for better performance.

Now for Landing Page Relevance, you must focus on its content, keywords on the page, better navigation, and ease of transparency.

If your ad is related to Laptops, then the ad click should bring them to the landing page that has keywords and information related to Laptops. Don’t make it too confusing for users to understand the structure of the page. Try to put relevant keywords so that the audience gets better to reach to the section they’re looking for.

Last but not least, Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is also responsible for enhancing the quality score of an ad. CTR is a metric to find the rate of “how successful the advertisement has gone.” It is calculated as the ratio of clicks and impressions. In short, the number of clicks your ad has received to the percentage of people who saw your ad (impression).

The mathematical formula goes like:

(Total Clicks on Ad)/(Total Impressions) = Click-Through-Rate

You can get better CTR by raising the CPC bid, but that does not always work (as we’ve already discussed.) Now if you put negative keywords, it will result in relevant searches, that means higher chances of getting clicks, which itself leads to better CTR rate.

If the ad text is further enhanced with relevant data, it boosts the click-through-rate and ad relevance. It is seen in some instances that people usually over-bid with an expectation that their ad will be on the top. But this is not the case; your money will go to waste if you try to bid without enhancement in the ad rank formula results.

If the ad position is on the top 3, the chances of getting clicks increases, whereas for other locations (right-hand side) have fewer chances of getting clicks.

If you’re bidding with low-quality ad scores, you’ll be heavily penalized from AdWords. Likewise, if you’ve got higher quality scores, then you’ll get lower CPC.

3: Ad Extensions & Formats

To better the experience and growth of the advertisers, Google has enabled the functionality to use ad extensions. Ad extensions provide additional information in the advertisement; hence, the more chances of getting user clicks.

Based on the needs and requirements, advertisers use ad extensions to enhance the delivery of their ads further so that they get potential clicks. As with ad extensions, additional and informative content can be included in the ad, which itself results in better relevancy of the ad.

Let’s know a bit of some ad extensions:


With this extension, you can give the address of your company, store, or business, along with that you can also provide the opening and closing hours, it makes the ad more informative to the audience. It is beneficial when you want to target a local audience or users for your business or service.


These are some additional links that you can give in your ad format. It simply means that if you want to share some relevant sections of your website, then you can use this extension to send the audience to the respective page. For desktops, you can give 6 site links, whereas for mobile you can give only 4.


As the name suggests, with call extension, you can provide the phone number of your business so that anyone interested in your service/advertisement can directly get in touch with you via a phone call. It is easier for the audience seeing your ads on mobile, as it becomes easier to call directly.


It allows advertisers to embed a button to download their application. It has the thumbnail icon (as app icon), name, and a customized CTA button. This extension is beneficial if you’ve got mobile applications (Android & iOS) as you can include tracking codes to find out the app conversions.


You can assume callout extensions same as site links, the only difference is, the text is not clickable. With callouts, you can provide additional textual information in the ad format; this helps to deliver some USPs to the audience, hence more chances of potential clicks from the targeted audience. With this, you can put some offers, limited offers, and other high resulting terms.

The primary and foremost concern for adding the extension was to bring the most impacting ads in the view. As suppose if two advertisers are targeting the same keywords, quality, and bid, then whom do you think should come on the top? To sort this, a new and advanced module was added to enhance the ad ranking further. With this new ad ranking formula, the most prominent and better ad will come on the top. The advertiser has multiple options to put and use extensions, once they do so they increase the user experience with the ads and hence; as a result, more potential clicks are generated.

This latest Google’s ad rank formula will help to reduce the CPC with better results. The reason is if you’re getting more space to put additional information and actions on the ads, then the chances of getting a potential click increases. These extensions represent more information about the brand or business, so the user gets a complete view of what they’ve been looking for.

The more clicks you get, the more Click-Through-Rate is achieved, which helps to reduce the Cost-Per-Click. Hence, going with this new ad rank formula will give you three benefits at the same time, the first is you’ll get potential clicks, next you can provide more details of the company/business, and you get lower CPC with the improved ranking.


So these were some ad extensions that you can put on your ads, though there are multiple extensions which we will be talking later in other articles. But for now, if you’re going with ad campaigns, you should take the benefits of these extensions to grow the ROI of your campaigns.

Now if you’re running an ad on Google AdWords, you must be well aware of how quality score and ad rank are calculated. You can enhance the ad rank of your advertisement so that you get better results and benefits from the PPC ad campaign. Meanwhile, you can calculate ad rank from the above formula. Make sure that you’re optimizing and analyzing every ad campaign with all the factors. Relevancy and keywords are two primary things that you should put on the top.

A complete content marketing Strategy for 2020

A complete content marketing Strategy for 2020

Content marketing strategy in 2020 is a must for everyone, as because the content is the only thing that is bringing results to every website and businesses. As we already know that with proper content, we can increase the traffic by 300% but if it is appropriately marketed with proven strategies, no doubt it will just triple the outcomes.

Everyone is creating content, but how to get on the top from others? Well, all you need is do Content Marketing as the lead cost from Content Marketing is 66% less than Traditional Marketing. The era is changing, and so the modes of creating content are also evolving with a hike in engagement.

If you’ve got good content, but it is not marketed correctly, it won’t give you expected results, even if it’s the only content on the web. But to get the desired outcomes, you must have to follow some content marketing strategies so that your content serves differently. The digital era is changing with a change in content structure and formats, a good raise in video and audio search is seen for the past two years, and if you’re not going with this trend, you’ll soon be outdated from the digital industry.

We’ve created a proven list of Content Marketing Strategy that will help you bring more reach, visibility, and leads. These strategies are used by several content marketing companies to bring value to their client’s project.

So let’s not waste time and get to know about “A complete content marketing strategy for 2020.”

A Complete Content Marketing Strategy for 2020

Our content marketing specialist has created a step-wise strategy list of all the possible things that you can do. So let’s properly go with all of them.

Content Audit

Before you dig into content marketing, you must have a good look and control over what’s working and what’s not. You may have to manually crosscheck all of the content to understand whether it will give proper results or not.

You may have to do some in-depth research to gather out content that is giving a good performance, and the one which is not giving expected results. You need to focus on the low-performing content so that you get even more benefits; meanwhile, you can also terminate the mistakes that you’ve been doing on the low-performing content.

It would be best if you also did proper keyword research and deployment on the content, as with good performing keywords, you can even generate more gain.

Define Marketing Goals

It would be not good to say that you’re doing content marketing, and your goal is not defined. You must know what goals you want to achieve via content marketing.

It’s not like you just start publishing the content, and you get better results. There are multiple strategies for various content marketing goals.

Before you begin with anything, you need to know what you’re actually looking, say you want to increase Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, or say Sales; then you have to follow different strategies for the content generation.

A content that is created for Sales may not generate better brand awareness, and likewise, this goes on. So before you do anything, create a filter of what goals you want, and once you’re done, only then you should proceed.

Do Audience Research

The audience is a must if you’re doing business or having a website. But what type of audience? Not all the audience is built for your business; you need to find out the best audience so that you get higher results with minimal investment.

Before you publish anything, you must have to know whether it is going to create any impact, or will the audience like it? You have to create separate content to target different types of audience.

By different, it means that the audience has a different age, gender, and likes, so based on it, you have to create engaging content. Suppose if you’re posting content that is for teenagers, most probably someone crossed the age 40 won’t be interested in it. So before you do anything, make proper research on your audience.

Create Content Formats

Here comes the most crucial point, the type of content. It should not be skipped, as it will help you to generate more business growth and results.

You may think about what does a type of content means? Well, content is not only what you’re reading; say it is not just written content. Looking into this modern era, the content has multiple formats that include: Video, Infographics, Blogs, Ebooks, and much more.

Now here comes the main step, what content you should go with? The answer to these questions is, based on your business and audience, you have to create content. Suppose a person who loves to read Ebooks for better understanding will not love to go with Videos. Likewise, who loves to watch videos won’t like to read it in the form of articles.

So based on the likes and dislikes of your audience (which of course you can get to know after research) you have to create content so that you get a high level of user engagement and conversion. Content Marketing for B2B and B2C, and for other niches includes different types of content, and that’s why they get good results.

Create Content Calendar

Consistency is the key to growth. The same applies to content marketing too. As if you’re posting some content, you must have to be consistent. And this could only be achieved if you schedule things.

You should create a content calendar so that you could easily publish content. You don’t have to research daily on what to post and what not to. A content calendar will help you to finalize the flow of the content and posts.

You can include some of the critical points in your content calendar like Due Date, Content Format, Publish Date, Channels to Promote, Content Person, and so on.

As if you do this, you’ll have a smooth flow of content marketing; meanwhile, you will also have less pressure on creating daily tasks. If the content calendar is created, and you’re following it, you’ll soon see better results.

Create Content Promotion Plan

If you see any content agency, you’ll get to know that they’ve plans for every campaign. And it applies to content promotion too. As you must have good knowledge about the metrics of good promotion. And you need to maintain the consistency. Means, it should not go like publishing 5 posts in a day, and for next day 1 post, and then 0.

If you want better engagement, decide the time when your audience is most active, and then publish the content. It would be best if you also look for the social channel where you could publish it for better results.

You can do Guests posts, Emails, Advertisements to increase the frequency of the reach and engagement. We provide all types of content marketing services based on business and user needs and requirements.

Connect Promotion Channels:

The best thing about traffic is, it brings more traffic. It seems logical when you look closely at the opportunities related to it. Having a user from any medium or channel helps to get a few more. Suppose, if a person shares your website, it gets in reach with other users too; hence you get more traffic. Now, say you got a subscriber, means you’ve got an increment in your mailing list, which later can be used to get more traffic. Now also think to get links to your website from other sources as a credit, it is going to help in ranking.

But wait, how to get these types of audiences? The answer is pretty simple, promote your content on different platforms. But where? Well, there are several platforms where you can share your content and get high potential results.

Starting from social media, when you publish any content, you should share it on Twitter with proper hashtags so that your post gets better engagements. Meanwhile, you can also mention people who would love to read those content, as if you do so, the specified person can perform some action (like/share) hence more chances of getting traffic.

You can even take the help of Facebook Pages and Groups as people there will be more likely to get engaged. If you’ve got your company’s page, you should share the content there too so that the page gets active and you get more results.

Posting content on the LinkedIn network will be more beneficial, as there you could target the best audience for your content. You can even create a video to promote the content.

If you’re looking for the best platform, then no doubt Reddit is a must-go-with platform. As if you do the proper research on choosing the subreddit related to your content, and then publishing the same over there will help you to get more traffic.

If you want to get more quality traffic, then go with Quora. The reason is, when you answer on Quora, that means you’ll be doing it on a similar niche or problem. Now if someone who reads your question, that means the person is interested in your answer, and any link given within the solution will get a sure click.

If you’ve created Infographics, no doubt pinning it on Pinterest will be a good go as people there will be looking for keywords and title that you’ve mapped with your infographics. And if the infographic is appealing and has the required content, you’ll get a good amount of traffic from there.

For Videos and Podcasts, you can share it on YouTube and Instagram, a short video on Instagram will work, but it should be to the point and engaging. While posting on YouTUbe helps you to grow your audience base. For Podcasts, you can take the help of iTunes and Castbox related services.

So make sure that you’re promoting your content on the right platform so that you get better results and traffic.

Build Relationship

Building a relationship with a customer and audience is a must factor for every business. You can not just generate revenue with a new audience suddenly. Before you do the sales pitch, you must have to build a relationship with the audience.

It helps to convert the audience into a customer quickly. And hence, the credibility of the business also increases. You can easily build a relationship by doing what they’re actually looking for.

Publish authentic content (reality, not assumptions) this will help to generate more trust from the audience. Also, try to get engaged with your audience with every possible communication mode. Replying to every message, DMs, and comments help to generate more credibility.

Calculate Success and ROI

And at last, you have to generate a proper report to track every possible happening of the whole campaign. You can calculate the success rate by comparing the initial and final stages of your business. You can not just calculate the success rate from a single metric.

There are multiple metrics involved to calculate the same. Suppose your target was to get 100 website clicks and 2 leads. But what you got is only 50 clicks but 3 leads, so finally, you got success. Hence you need to check individual metrics to find the overall success.


So these were some content marketing strategies that you can go to market your business and increase sales. If you create a content marketing plan properly, you will achieve your target pretty easily. Go easily with your content marketing to track and measure the performance of the whole marketing campaign.

5 Benefits of Technical SEO in 2020

5 Benefits of Technical SEO in 2020

There is no doubt that Search Engine Optimization has brought more than expected results to every website on the Internet. Each and every site is getting traffic, leads, sales, and higher conversions. And no-one can say that SEO is a gone-term. We know that the Internet and websites are expanding at high rates, and so enhancement in SEO is also taking place too.

If you’re doing an SEO checkup and improvements, you should’ve heard a term of technical SEO too. This term is now a market demand for every website, and you must be wondering about why? Well, that’s pretty simple. If technical SEO is followed too, then the website gets several benefits from the same, including improvement in crawling, faster indexing, better ranking, higher traffic, and much more.

With technical SEO, you can:

  1. Enhance page load speed, hence 40% more increment in traffic.
  2. Improve the ranking of your website, up to 27%.
  3. Increase the engagement rate up to 37% with a responsive site.

Not only this much, with technical SEO you get so many benefits, say for ranking, it’s a must that your site has proper robots.txt file (as having an improper one may harm your ranking). A technical SEO audit helps to sort this out; it also includes enhancing the performance of the site; it’s loading speed, security, and much more. A proper audit will bring your site on the top with quality traffic and potential audience.

Before we know about the benefits of tech SEO, let’s first know about

What is Technical SEO?


Technical SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website for the crawling and indexing phase. With technical SEO, you can help search engines access, crawl, interpret and index your website without any problems. This SEO includes the word technical as it neither deals with the content of the website nor with its marketing, it’s a separate thing, but a crucial one. The primary and foremost concern is to optimize the structure of your website, optimize its speed, check for loading speed, and much more.

Technical SEO Checklist


technical seo checklist

Technical SEO is a crucial step in the whole SEO process for any website. If you’re doing good with SEO but not with technical SEO, then you’re not going to get expected results. Hence, you must be aware of technical SEO before you move further.

We’ve created a short technical SEO checklist for you so that you could briefly understand that.

  1. canning and optimizing 404 pages
  2. Optimizing robots.txt
  3. Maintaining SEO friendly URL Structure
  4. Revising navigation and website structure
  5. Breadcrumbs to posts and pages
  6. Schema markup for breadcrumbs
  7. Add featured snippet to pages and posts
  8. Check for canonical URLs
  9. Working with XML sitemap and submission
  10. Enable HTTPS
  11. Check your loading speed and try to make your website faster
  12. Check the responsiveness of the website
  13. Optimize pagination and multilingual settings
  14. Integrating website with Search Engine Consoles & Tools
  15. Optimizing media for faster serving

Let’s know about the 5 Benefits of Technical SEO in 2020:

We know that search engines are updating themselves regularly to improve the performance of their results and experience of the user. If you notice you’ll get to see that both of them are somehow technically related.

A user performs a search in a device or system, get results from the Internet. Now you must be knowing that the search engines crawl (in simple terms: fetches) every website and serve the best for the specific query.

With the advancement of algorithms of search engines, they’re advancing many other things too, and technical SEO optimization is not an exception.

If you’re doing a technical audit and improving everything, most probably you’ll get even more results than before.

So let’s move back to the discussion and advantages of going with technical SEO:

1: Rankability:


If you care about your site, most probably you must have made contact with a technical SEO company to make an audit of your website and list every possible area of improvements.

“The very first issue that a website faces is loading and performance.”

Whensoever, a person visits a website he/she expects that the site should load quickly so that they could move to the most optimal section. Suppose, your website is taking 10 seconds to load, guess what? You’ve lost 25% of your users from that site.

You can take your own example if you visit a site and it loads slow, you won’t stay longer over there.

As per the research, a website should load under 5 seconds, and the most preferred time-span is below 3 seconds. Remember, each second counts on the Internet.

Once you improve the loading speed of the website, people will tend to stay longer on the site, hence the bounce rate will decrease. Meanwhile, the search engine will also notice this change (people are staying at your site), and so the search engines will boost the ranking of your website.

You can also imagine the performance of the site, if a site is loading quite good on desktop computers, but not in mobile devices; it will lose its ranking with high bounce rate, which in itself is critical. We all know that traffic from mobile devices is increasing rapidly in comparison to tablets and computers.

Now if a website isn’t responsive, it will not get good traffic from mobile devices. Hence maybe a loss of half of your potential audience.

With an enhancement of a website’s performance and speed, you can boost the ranking of your website.

2: Higher Conversions:


When a user visits an online store (E-Commerce website), then he/she tries to find the most relevant product from the site. Now imagine, if the user is searching for a product, and instead of showing instant results and page to purchase within 2-3 clicks, you’re sending them from one link to another, then it’s a red flag for a site.

As per the research of advanced technical SEO, results and purchases should be done within 3 clicks, and at a max of 4. So if your website is not doing that, you must be losing many of your customers daily.

Lesser clicks mean better user experience, and once you provide better user experience, people tend to involve more and more on your website, hence leading to more conversions.

If you follow the max of four levels of depth linking, you’re making it easier for web crawlers to fetch your website and understand the structure with ease.

Meanwhile, you should also focus on the URL parameters for product filtering. As if you do so, the results generated for a specific query is also indexed and is served based on the user’s search.

3: More Trust & Credibility:


You only visit a website that is secure and follows the privacy concerns. Google has recently announced that they’ll be giving priorities to the website who’re having SSL (Secured Socket Layer) installed on their website.

“The primary and foremost concern of SSL is to provide a safer environment to users for their visits and transactions.”

In simple terms, if a website starts with http, then it’s getting value from the Google search results in comparison to http one.

Users, these days are well aware of SSL certificates and with online privacy, so if your website is serving the same, means that you’re giving customers on the top. It leads to more trust addition.

A secured site gets more attention in the increment of online credibility. The website is then treated as a trustful and authoritative one, means more reach with the targeted audience.

A technical SEO expert won’t let you move forward unless and until you’ve got an SSL certificate installed.

4: Higher Engagement:


Once you improve your website’s performance, loading speed, the page’s structure, HTML coding schema, and other things. Then you’re simply gaining the trust of your users. It makes users engage and anxious about your content posting.

Users get involved and engaged with a website that serves the content they’re looking for, even if you’re serving the content and you’re not focusing on SEO including technical SEO, then you’re losing most of your traffic’s percentage.

An optimized page brings better user experience hence leading to more engagement rate.

Even if you focus on the structure of the page, then you’ll notice that you’re gaining more user engagement and traffic from before.

The best part of improving page structure includes rich snippets. Rich snippets are small excerpted media in the form of ratings, copies, images, points, etc. This increases the chances of more clicks from the search engines.

Suppose you’re looking for the best SEO company in Los Angeles, you get a website on the top with a rating of 4.9 stars, most probably you’ll be visiting that site. Likewise, other people will also do the same.

5: Clickability & Higher ROI:


The most prominent reason for doing SEO is getting clicks and higher ROI from quality traffic. This aim becomes pretty easier after working on technical SEO, along with On-Page & Off-Page SEO.

If you’ve done work on On-Page and Off-Page SEO, you should shift your focus on technical SEO too. The technical SEO is mainly done during the development of a website, in case you didn’t know that, don’t worry. With a technical SEO audit, you can still be able to perform the best measures to get better results.

With technical SEO, you can get quality traffic by filtering out negative measures of your site’s structure. A developer creates navigation for better user experience with a dip of technical SEO.

We all know that headings are a vital part of a content and H1 is the most important heading used so far. The reason why we give preference to H1 heading is that it tells the search engines and crawlers about what the content is all about.

If you include multiple H1 tags in your content, the crawlers will be confused with the actual context. But with a technical on-page SEO, you can remove all the redundant and harmful codes from your website.

This change really brings quality traffic to your website and positive ROI.



Technical SEO has now become a must for every type of website, no matter whether you’ve got an Educational website, E-Commerce website, or Portfolio website. If there happens to be any change in the search engine’s algorithm, SEO must have to come up. Fortunately, the case is not the same as technical SEO. There are very few updates for it, that simply means that managing it for one time works for a longer span.

As per the technical SEO 2019, there are more than 100 factors of technical SEO improvements. Now if you want your website to generate more traffic, sales, leads, and conversions, then you should get your website’s SEO audit done quickly.

Technical SEO helps to get your site ranked, crawled, and accessed by potential audience. Your website should be responsive, media should be properly optimized, links should be checked, and crawling issues should be sorted out. Once you do these critical changes, you’ll get a lot of results from the same.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding technical SEO, then feel free to ask us through the comments section below.