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Content marketing strategy in 2020 is a must for everyone, as because the content is the only thing that is bringing results to every website and businesses. As we already know that with proper content, we can increase the traffic by 300% but if it is appropriately marketed with proven strategies, no doubt it will just triple the outcomes.

Everyone is creating content, but how to get on the top from others? Well, all you need is do Content Marketing as the lead cost from Content Marketing is 66% less than Traditional Marketing. The era is changing, and so the modes of creating content are also evolving with a hike in engagement.

If you’ve got good content, but it is not marketed correctly, it won’t give you expected results, even if it’s the only content on the web. But to get the desired outcomes, you must have to follow some content marketing strategies so that your content serves differently. The digital era is changing with a change in content structure and formats, a good raise in video and audio search is seen for the past two years, and if you’re not going with this trend, you’ll soon be outdated from the digital industry.

We’ve created a proven list of Content Marketing Strategy that will help you bring more reach, visibility, and leads. These strategies are used by several content marketing companies to bring value to their client’s project.

So let’s not waste time and get to know about “A complete content marketing strategy for 2020.”

A Complete Content Marketing Strategy for 2020

Our content marketing specialist has created a step-wise strategy list of all the possible things that you can do. So let’s properly go with all of them.

Content Audit

Before you dig into content marketing, you must have a good look and control over what’s working and what’s not. You may have to manually crosscheck all of the content to understand whether it will give proper results or not.

You may have to do some in-depth research to gather out content that is giving a good performance, and the one which is not giving expected results. You need to focus on the low-performing content so that you get even more benefits; meanwhile, you can also terminate the mistakes that you’ve been doing on the low-performing content.

It would be best if you also did proper keyword research and deployment on the content, as with good performing keywords, you can even generate more gain.

Define Marketing Goals

It would be not good to say that you’re doing content marketing, and your goal is not defined. You must know what goals you want to achieve via content marketing.

It’s not like you just start publishing the content, and you get better results. There are multiple strategies for various content marketing goals.

Before you begin with anything, you need to know what you’re actually looking, say you want to increase Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, or say Sales; then you have to follow different strategies for the content generation.

A content that is created for Sales may not generate better brand awareness, and likewise, this goes on. So before you do anything, create a filter of what goals you want, and once you’re done, only then you should proceed.

Do Audience Research

The audience is a must if you’re doing business or having a website. But what type of audience? Not all the audience is built for your business; you need to find out the best audience so that you get higher results with minimal investment.

Before you publish anything, you must have to know whether it is going to create any impact, or will the audience like it? You have to create separate content to target different types of audience.

By different, it means that the audience has a different age, gender, and likes, so based on it, you have to create engaging content. Suppose if you’re posting content that is for teenagers, most probably someone crossed the age 40 won’t be interested in it. So before you do anything, make proper research on your audience.

Create Content Formats

Here comes the most crucial point, the type of content. It should not be skipped, as it will help you to generate more business growth and results.

You may think about what does a type of content means? Well, content is not only what you’re reading; say it is not just written content. Looking into this modern era, the content has multiple formats that include: Video, Infographics, Blogs, Ebooks, and much more.

Now here comes the main step, what content you should go with? The answer to these questions is, based on your business and audience, you have to create content. Suppose a person who loves to read Ebooks for better understanding will not love to go with Videos. Likewise, who loves to watch videos won’t like to read it in the form of articles.

So based on the likes and dislikes of your audience (which of course you can get to know after research) you have to create content so that you get a high level of user engagement and conversion. Content Marketing for B2B and B2C, and for other niches includes different types of content, and that’s why they get good results.

Create Content Calendar

Consistency is the key to growth. The same applies to content marketing too. As if you’re posting some content, you must have to be consistent. And this could only be achieved if you schedule things.

You should create a content calendar so that you could easily publish content. You don’t have to research daily on what to post and what not to. A content calendar will help you to finalize the flow of the content and posts.

You can include some of the critical points in your content calendar like Due Date, Content Format, Publish Date, Channels to Promote, Content Person, and so on.

As if you do this, you’ll have a smooth flow of content marketing; meanwhile, you will also have less pressure on creating daily tasks. If the content calendar is created, and you’re following it, you’ll soon see better results.

Create Content Promotion Plan

If you see any content agency, you’ll get to know that they’ve plans for every campaign. And it applies to content promotion too. As you must have good knowledge about the metrics of good promotion. And you need to maintain the consistency. Means, it should not go like publishing 5 posts in a day, and for next day 1 post, and then 0.

If you want better engagement, decide the time when your audience is most active, and then publish the content. It would be best if you also look for the social channel where you could publish it for better results.

You can do Guests posts, Emails, Advertisements to increase the frequency of the reach and engagement. We provide all types of content marketing services based on business and user needs and requirements.

Connect Promotion Channels:

The best thing about traffic is, it brings more traffic. It seems logical when you look closely at the opportunities related to it. Having a user from any medium or channel helps to get a few more. Suppose, if a person shares your website, it gets in reach with other users too; hence you get more traffic. Now, say you got a subscriber, means you’ve got an increment in your mailing list, which later can be used to get more traffic. Now also think to get links to your website from other sources as a credit, it is going to help in ranking.

But wait, how to get these types of audiences? The answer is pretty simple, promote your content on different platforms. But where? Well, there are several platforms where you can share your content and get high potential results.

Starting from social media, when you publish any content, you should share it on Twitter with proper hashtags so that your post gets better engagements. Meanwhile, you can also mention people who would love to read those content, as if you do so, the specified person can perform some action (like/share) hence more chances of getting traffic.

You can even take the help of Facebook Pages and Groups as people there will be more likely to get engaged. If you’ve got your company’s page, you should share the content there too so that the page gets active and you get more results.

Posting content on the LinkedIn network will be more beneficial, as there you could target the best audience for your content. You can even create a video to promote the content.

If you’re looking for the best platform, then no doubt Reddit is a must-go-with platform. As if you do the proper research on choosing the subreddit related to your content, and then publishing the same over there will help you to get more traffic.

If you want to get more quality traffic, then go with Quora. The reason is, when you answer on Quora, that means you’ll be doing it on a similar niche or problem. Now if someone who reads your question, that means the person is interested in your answer, and any link given within the solution will get a sure click.

If you’ve created Infographics, no doubt pinning it on Pinterest will be a good go as people there will be looking for keywords and title that you’ve mapped with your infographics. And if the infographic is appealing and has the required content, you’ll get a good amount of traffic from there.

For Videos and Podcasts, you can share it on YouTube and Instagram, a short video on Instagram will work, but it should be to the point and engaging. While posting on YouTUbe helps you to grow your audience base. For Podcasts, you can take the help of iTunes and Castbox related services.

So make sure that you’re promoting your content on the right platform so that you get better results and traffic.

Build Relationship

Building a relationship with a customer and audience is a must factor for every business. You can not just generate revenue with a new audience suddenly. Before you do the sales pitch, you must have to build a relationship with the audience.

It helps to convert the audience into a customer quickly. And hence, the credibility of the business also increases. You can easily build a relationship by doing what they’re actually looking for.

Publish authentic content (reality, not assumptions) this will help to generate more trust from the audience. Also, try to get engaged with your audience with every possible communication mode. Replying to every message, DMs, and comments help to generate more credibility.

Calculate Success and ROI

And at last, you have to generate a proper report to track every possible happening of the whole campaign. You can calculate the success rate by comparing the initial and final stages of your business. You can not just calculate the success rate from a single metric.

There are multiple metrics involved to calculate the same. Suppose your target was to get 100 website clicks and 2 leads. But what you got is only 50 clicks but 3 leads, so finally, you got success. Hence you need to check individual metrics to find the overall success.


So these were some content marketing strategies that you can go to market your business and increase sales. If you create a content marketing plan properly, you will achieve your target pretty easily. Go easily with your content marketing to track and measure the performance of the whole marketing campaign.

A complete content marketing Strategy for 2020