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To write compelling content for your business, to get noticed online is quite a daunting task. High-quality content is valuable to drive more leads and conversions online. Before delivering content, make sure that it is compelling for the visitors as it speaks of your brand. What your brand says, can be reflected by the text you are using to appeal to your customers.

It is important to cross-check the words you are putting to draw customer attention because there are times when even an expert writer comes across some writing mistakes. Do you want to know what these copywriting pitfalls are and how to avoid them? If yes, let’s have a look at the top 10 most common copywriting mistakes we are going to explore here.


The Top 10 Most Common Copywriting Mistakes List


Do you want to know what these copywriting pitfalls are and how to avoid them? If yes, let’s have a look at the top 10 most common copywriting mistakes we are going to explore here.


Failing to add Hashtags and Keywords:

Your social media post or blog attracts viewers with keywords and hashtags. Choose a few important phrases to be integrated into your post when you write a blog. To optimize SEO, a content marketing agency will enable you to incorporate them into the URL, title, and alternative text. Similarly, to attract more audiences, don’t be afraid to use hashtags in social media copywriting.


Not Considering Audience Perspective

Writing without taking into consideration the user’s perspective is just useless. You must know what is the need of your targeted audience, what they are looking for. instead of using your own perspective. It will make your content more effective to attract a massive audience. A content marketing company like us can assist you to write eye-catchy text to appeal to your audience.


Not including Call-to-Action

To capture the customer’s attention quickly, you must include a call-to-action statement in your text. For instance, you can use know more, or subscribe, to navigate visitors directly to your website. It will help to increase your conversion rate by leaps and bounds. Additionally, you can use discounts or rewards statements to boost your call-to-action process.


Enormous Jargons Use

Keep your content very simple that can be easily understandable by the customers. No one wants to read the lengthy and overwhelming paragraphs; instead, people prefer to choose to skip these types of text. Not all people are aware of the technical terms you are using for your company, so try to avoid such types of jargon to attract visitors. Always prefer the quality of your content over the quantity. This will help you to attain long–term sustainability in whatever the online business you are running.



You must reduce wordiness by eliminating filler words, reducing the redundancies, ignoring the overuse of qualifiers, and avoiding the use of passive voice. These are some of the important assets that will make your copywriting skills more powerful and succinct. These key factors will help you to keep the people engaged with your content. Simplify your sentences to make them noticeable. These will add value to your brand, and therefore would immensely help you to achieve your business goals.


Jerky Quality

While short phrases in your writing can make a strong influence, the reader is distracted by too many in a row. Choppy phrases may make your thoughts appear to be disconnected, and your writing may seem unsophisticated. Keep your words simple and succinct and maintain a natural flow at the same time.


Typos Mistakes

Commonly, you meet typos errors while writing. It is important to proofread your content before submitting it to the web. You should catch the pesky misspellings, surreptitious homonyms, or other problematic content mistakes to avoid losing your customer attention. For instance, you insert the word “there” instead of “their” or vice-versa. This small mistake may make an ever-lasting impression in the reader’s mind. He may think your business or brand does not pay attention to how they are perceived online. This does not look sound for your business to run effectively.



Craft your content in such a way that can be easily digestible by the readers. If you lack consistency in your marketing pitch, then people will receive an annoying experience rather than smooth sensations. Being consistent in your content helps a brand to drive forward at the same time reinforcing its message. Therefore, if you want your audience to keep up your brand and be satisfactory, content consistency is essential.


Not Mobile-Friendly

Make sure that your content is optimized for mobile devices that can be easily digestible by the readers. To make your words readable on the mobile phone, make use of a broad font and try to make paragraphs short. As people use their phones for fast, digestible information, make sure your headline is good and your writing is not too long-winded.


Optimizing Your Headlines

Though if you write a sensible headline, yet if no one reads it, it becomes senseless. You must use keywords and phrases that people can look for when writing headlines, make sure your title contains enough detail about the content of the article to be useful and use headline resources to ensure that your title has the right degree of urgency.


While writing headlines, you can follow these important tips:

  • Make sure that your headline is 8-12 words long.
  • Try to include a number.
  • Write many choices for a headline.
  • Be inspired by your competitors as well as customers.


These are some of the common Copywriting mistakes that may appear while you write some piece of content. It is therefore advisable to proofread your content before posting it online.

Though these mistakes are looking very silly, yet if ignored, can cost you heavily.

If you want to make your writing style error-free, do not ignore the points listed above. Also if you need help from some agency, you can stay in touch with a Content Marketing Company like us.

We have content marketing strategists that will frame your content in such a way that appeals to your audience. What are you waiting for now? Get connected with us now!

Top 10 Most Common Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid