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What is Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC)?

Are you willing to go a step ahead in the field of Digital Marketing? If yes, let us introduce something new and different!! Make yourself a part of the “Google Online Marketing Challenge”. We know that now the question is knocking to your mind that what it is, Do not worry!! Our Digital Marketing Agency will help you to get aware of this.

Make a real-life Impression with Google Online Marketing Challenge

Well, Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) is a marketing challenge that connects students and non-profit organizations. It is an international competition in which the students get a chance to execute marketing campaigns and showcase their skills. This program partners nonprofits and students using a budget of USD 10,000 monthly and creates a favorable change globally. It is suggested to avail of this opportunity to enhance your skills and make chances of your success in the field of online advertising.

Note: More than 100 countries in the past 9 years, with an average of 110,000 professors and students have participated in this challenge.

How to become a partner of GOMC?

Under this challenge, graduate or undergraduate students start advertising a non-profit organization or a business by using Google Ad words. For this, they need to register for this challenge after which they can start running a marketing campaign. A team of three to six people is required to get participated in this challenge under an authorized instructor. Google will affiliate this team with the non-profits who have chosen to take part in the challenge.

 Do you want to know the complete working process of GOMC? If you have answered yes, let us help you to get the complete information.

How GOMC works?

 The participants of GOMC undergo the following steps:

  • Firstly, Students who made the team with a gathering of three to six members, analyze “Online Marketing Trainings”. The team now has to improve their digital skills and have to pass the “Search Certification Exam” and “Measurement Certification Exam”.
  • Students have to meet with the Organization selected from the Ad grant program. They have to understand their requirement, evaluate their existing campaigns, what is their business goals is all about, and structure the strategy for digital marketing accordingly.
  • As discussed earlier, the budget is set as USD 10,000 for a month, using this team executes marketing campaigns to help their partners in driving conversions.
  • When this partnership gets lasts, the team gives a post-campaign review and provides their partner with potential suggestions to support them for online success.
  • Team demonstrating good knowledge of Google Advertising, creating a comprehensive online marketing plan, running customized Google Advertising campaigns, and delivering a post-campaign report with potential suggestions for their partner will earn a personalized certificate from Google acknowledging their academic achievement and social impact.

What are the benefits that students can get from Google Online Marketing Challenge?

There are heaps of benefits associated with participating in this program. Students can get real-life experience with an opportunity to learn digital marketing. Various other influences that GOMC made on students life are as follows:

  • You will get introduced to the Google Ad words and experience the world of marketing by executing PPC campaigns. There is a bucket of things you can grab in this program.
  • Students will get to know how to be a professional as they work within a given budget and within an allotted time frame. They can get personal as well as professional growth.
  • Get a chance to work with real clients as partners. This partnership leads to acquiring many how-tos of the online industry.
  • It does not require any prior knowledge or any special skills to start with. You can directly jump into this competition. (This one is a plus point to start their career as entry-level).
  • Development of zeal or passion that you haven’t discovered yet.
  • Attain a practical approach to develop skills.
  • It can make you highly demandable in the market.
  • Exposure to the challenges that may appear in your path of success.
  • Certificates from Google.
  • Build healthy relationships with your clients and learn how to manage an advertising platform.

With such benefits, do not let this opportunity slip from your hands. Just enroll yourself in it!!

In what ways GOMC is helpful for businesses and Non-Profit organizations?

As this program is proved to be beneficial for the students, in the same way, non-profits can also be benefitted. If they wish to enhance their presence online, they can get participate in this program. After the successful approval from Ad Grants, they can proceed and grow their business online. Within a defined budget and deadline, they can get their project done.

For those who have participated in this contest find it as an awesome experience. Students can learn everything about PPC right from scratch. Developing strategies for ad words and marketing campaigns can be learned easily. Furthermore, you can also learn how to develop better communication with the client, how to work with a team, and how to manage time. It also provides a way to learn quickly and gain an interest in internet marketing.

Step up a ladder in the field of Digital Marketing!!

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