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Email Marketing Services Los Angeles

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Best Email Marketing Services in Los Angeles

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We being the best Email Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, have been helping businesses to grow their sales with the most trusted and result-oriented communication mode, i.e., Email. This term seems to be simple, but in reality, it is the best way to deliver compelling messages to the clients/audience. Email Marketing Services have been in a trend from a very long time, and it will be in demand for the next many decades. You must be wondering why? Well, Email is treated as the most direct and effective mode of communication. You can turn the email reader into a customer very wisely, and it even helps to build trust in a brand when delivered with complete optimization and strategies.

JPMA award winning one of the top email marketing companies in Los Angeles, California. Our email marketing expert and professionals study and optimize every email marketing strategy so that it could result in higher conversions. Almost 88% of digital marketers still believe that email marketing is the best marketing strategy than others; the reason is, it delivers the optimal details to the reader with to the point message. We create targeted email marketing campaigns in such a way that it addresses your marketing communications with ease of proper sharpness. Our professionals market your business with the most potential and ideal audience.

Our company believes that what you’re looking are conversion and sales, and fulfilling the same. We create a proper tracking report of the whole campaign that will ensure every email sent, opened, clicked, and responded with specific timings. We provide professional email marketing services that enhance your growth and conversion rate because we optimize and deploy proven marketing strategies. Our email marketing experts have years of experience to provide best email marketing service for small business that will engage readers to participate in your product/service. All of our marketing campaigns are customized based on the needs of the business, such as we create optimal strategies and campaigns for B2B businesses, likewise for B2C, and so. With our email marketing services, you’ll get real-time tracking of every mail sent and actions performed on the same. We ensure the least to no bounce mails for every campaign.

Global Facts About Email Marketing

Lets take a quick glimpse of why email marketing is important


  • 88% of emails users actively check emails on their smartphones.
  • 83% of people pay more attention to emails with graphical content.
  • 57% increase in click on mails that are offer or demographic-based.
  • 66% of people take emails more seriously than any other platform.

Excel your Business Growth with Email Marketing!

Unleash the countless shots of email marketing with us.

If you want to grow your business’ revenue with the most potential and trustworthy channel, then get in touch with our Email marketing experts who’ve got years of experience and excellence in delivering results with On-Time-In-Budget paradigm.

Reasons Why A2Z is Best Email Marketing Agency Los Angeles

Email Marketing Agency Los Angeles

Creative Campaigns

We create creative email templates so that the reader gets engaged with the mail content hence more increment in the conversion rate.

Email Marketing Services in Los Angeles

Influencive Strategies

Based on the business’ niche, we create custom strategies so that user gets involved with the mail/product/service.

Email Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

Potential Mails

We believe that each mail is a potential lead to you; hence we’ll create an optimized and genuine email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Services Los Angeles, California

Email Tracking

We will create a real-time tracking report of every mail sent to track status like open, clicked, responded, bounced, and so.

Benefits of Targeted Email Marketing Services

If we talk about the most recent research for email marketing, it is found that 90% of adults and 76% of teenagers take emails seriously and count it as their primary mode for professional communication. If we talk about digital marketers, then 88% of marketers believe that an email marketing campaign is more powerful than any other marketing campaign. There are several reasons for the same, say an email is easier to share with other people, it is more likely to read, if the mail is optimized it results in an instant conversion, and obviously, it has a lower cost than other marketing modules.

The best advantage of going with email marketing are:

  • Your customer or targeted audience check their email regularly. If you create and deploy an effective communication strategy.
  • Email marketing works better than other marketing channels as the engagement rate on emails is found higher in comparison to others.
  • Email marketing is the best and cost-effective marketing strategy that serves reliable results.
  • It also helps to increase the traffic on websites; an optimized email brings more user clicks and instant actions.
  • Email marketing is best for creating brand awareness, hence beneficial for any size of businesses.
  • You can track every email campaign to check which email is performing good; you can even find the best areas of improvements too.

Our Email Marketing Strategy

Email List Building

We will create a verified email list having qualified, potential, and interested audience so that we could give almost zero bounce mails to you from the email marketing campaign. Hence, The opportunities for user engagement, lead generation & conversion will increase.

Proofreading & CTA

Our professionals and experts will do proper proofreading of every mail that will be sent so that the audience trust could be gained. Also, we will be deploying relevant Call To Actions and other links to improve the interaction rate.

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Research & Testing

While we start the campaign, we create custom and multiple email scripts and run A/B testing to check which version is performing very well. So for the betterment of the user experience, our professionals will go through every mail.

Follow-Up & Tracking Report

We automate follow-up messages to increase the rate of engagement. Also, we create real-time reports of the whole campaign to track the status of emails that includes metrice like open, close, CTA click rate, responded, bounced, and much more.

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    What’s in our Professional Email Marketing Services

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    Email Validation

    We can validate the list of emails that you’ll be using for your email marketing campaigns so that you get zero bounce emails. It helps to save a lot of money by only sending to active mails and in use, hence more chances of a successful campaign.

    targeted email marketing services

    Leads Generation

    If you’re looking for an email marketing service that generates leads, then we can help you to promote your business and get high leads and conversions. We will optimize your emails so that the user gets involved with your product/service.

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    Proofreading & A/B Testing

    We do a custom A/B testing of every campaign to optimize it for higher conversion rate. We test multiple emails to know which one is bringing better results. We also do proofreading to remove any mistakes or typos in a mail to create credibility, relevancy, and trust in the reader’s mind.

    professional email marketing services Los Angeles

    Custom Email Templates

    Our experts can create a responsive and appealing email design so that the opportunity of the conversion and chances of user’s interaction increases with a higher rate. Creative email design is more likely to be converted.


    What is a good start? Purchasing an email list or building a new one?

    Purchasing an email list is a strict no for everyone. The reason is, most of the times the email lists are either not valid, or the recipient is not in the niche of a targeted audience. The best and most result generating option is creating a new email list, that can be generated by proper research and analysis.

    Can I grow traffic on my website via Email marketing?

    Yes. When you do an email marketing, you get a list of the targeted audience, a list that is created by analyzing the business, niche, and offerings of the company. Next to it, a custom, appealing, responsive, and interactive email with CTAs are created, this increases the chances of engagement from the email reader; hence more increase in website visitors.

    How to conclude if an email campaign is successful?

    There are certain metrics and data involved in deciding the success rate of an email campaign. You can not only determine the success rate with one metric. Some of the parameters are Open Rate, Deliverability, Bounce Rate, Spam Reports, Unsubscribers, and much more. We create a custom track of every email sent so that you could find the actual result with ease.

    How to decrease the unsubscription rate?

    There are several reasons due to which users unsubscribe to a mail, some of them are, too frequent emails, irrelevant emails, non-responsive emails, emails with too many links, emails with thin content, and much more. This could be enhanced when the proper audience analysis is done by putting the business’ niche in the centre.

    What is Open Rate & Deliverability?

    Most of the people are confused with these two terms; the open rate is the total number of emails that are opened to the total number of emails delivered. Whereas Deliverability means the total number of emails delivered to the total number of emails sent. The aim is to get higher deliverability and open rates.

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