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User's Activity Tracing

We can help to trace all the pages and elements with which your users are mostly interacting so that you can better the experience with profit.

google analytics agency Los Angeles

Real-Time Report

Our experts will monitor real-time activity of your audience to understand their needs and requirements better.

google analytics agency Los Angeles California

Integration & Collection

We will integrate your analytics account with other tools to better the results, meanwhile automating the data collection to generate reports.

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Request Your FREE Google Analytics Report

Get FREE analytics report sample from best Google Analytics Agency in Los Angeles – A2Z. Your website’s data addresses something; we help you to hear that with analytics report. Analytics are essential for measuring the performance of your website, and it can help you to understand what visitors are doing on your site; you can track with which they interact the most. When you’ve got that data, you can easily change them into a customer by providing the solutions which they’re looking for. We offer free Custom Google Analytics Report based on your business niche, we customize it accordingly with better representation for easier understanding.

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Ideal Customer Identification

We will help you to find the most potential audience on your website, based on their interaction and activities; we can further provide solutions to increase the rate of engagement and conversion. Our Google Analytics experts will analyze each of the audience reports to bring out the best results.

google analytics consulting services
google analytics services

E-commerce Tracking

If you’ve got an online store, then we can help you to find and track the activities done by the users. You will know what products users prefer the most, where are they navigating, did they make any purchase or not. This also includes tracking activities of their interests, likes, also whether they’re returning customer or a new one.

Custom Dashboards

We create a custom dashboard based on the reports and business. The panel will be created so that you can have quick and easy access to eat. It will cover all the possible reports and links. Our experts create dashboards as per the niche of the business and goals, that means custom analytics dashboard for everyone.

google analytics services Los Angeles
google analytics services Los Angeles California

Campaign Tracking

Google analytics agency can help your business to grow by saving a lot of your time doing analysis; we’ve got expert professionals who can monitor your whole campaign to find out the best and worst-performing criteria. We further work to split the testing of the campaign for the betterment of the campaign results.

Collecting & Processing Insights

Our analytics experts will gather and process the insights of your audience so that we could fetch the best performing measures. Meanwhile, we can process those metrics to enhance the overall experience of the visitors so that the chances of conversion could be increased with an increase in credibility.

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    Analytics Reports your business needs to grow

    google analytics Audience Report

    Audience Report

    This report will help you to better know about insights related to the people. That includes Demographics (Age & Gender), Geographic (Locations), Interstates, Devices, Browsers, Time Spent and much more. The audience report is an initial and foremost report to make any proceedings.

    Google analytics Acquisition report

    Acquisition Report

    If you’ve made any guest post, run any campaign, done SEO, then you must be wondering to tracking the final outcomes of it. The acquisition report helps to find out the marketing channel, sources of traffic, keywords and much more, you can count it as SEO analytics reporting.

    google analytics Behaviour reports

    Behaviour Report

    As the name suggests, it helps to know what pages are being visited, how long the user is spending time on each page. Where the user is navigating and from where. And also it helps to find the loopholes due to which visitors are leaving your website just after few minutes or seconds.

    google analytics Conversion Report

    Conversion Report

    This report helps to know whether your visitors are taking the desired action or not. It helps to represent the performance of every goal or aim which you’ve decided to achieve. Some instances, you can track whether people are making purchases, also sources delivering best conversions and more.

    Google Analytics Search Report

    Search Report

    This report will help you to know what keywords are bringing users to your website. Meanwhile, you can also know about keywords related to which your website shows up. This report further helps in enhancing the user experience and other improvements to ensure intended working.

    Google Analytics Content Efficiency Report

    Content Efficiency Report

    With this report, you can easily recognise the best performing content. That means, you can know which content is most engaging, which you can later use to improve other contents. Also, it tells what types of content visitors are liking that includes delivering business based content.


    What is a good start? Purchasing an email list or building a new one?

    Purchasing an email list is a strict no for everyone. The reason is, most of the times the email lists are either not valid, or the recipient is not in the niche of a targeted audience. The best and most result generating option is creating a new email list, that can be generated by proper research and analysis.

    Can I grow traffic on my website via Email marketing?

    Yes. When you do an email marketing, you get a list of the targeted audience, a list that is created by analyzing the business, niche, and offerings of the company. Next to it, a custom, appealing, responsive, and interactive email with CTAs are created, this increases the chances of engagement from the email reader; hence more increase in website visitors.

    How to conclude if an email campaign is successful?

    There are certain metrics and data involved in deciding the success rate of an email campaign. You can not only determine the success rate with one metric. Some of the parameters are Open Rate, Deliverability, Bounce Rate, Spam Reports, Unsubscribers, and much more. We create a custom track of every email sent so that you could find the actual result with ease.

    How to decrease the unsubscription rate?

    There are several reasons due to which users unsubscribe to a mail, some of them are, too frequent emails, irrelevant emails, non-responsive emails, emails with too many links, emails with thin content, and much more. This could be enhanced when the proper audience analysis is done by putting the business’ niche in the centre.

    What is Open Rate & Deliverability?

    Most of the people are confused with these two terms; the open rate is the total number of emails that are opened to the total number of emails delivered. Whereas Deliverability means the total number of emails delivered to the total number of emails sent. The aim is to get higher deliverability and open rates.

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