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We are committed to deliver results within 45 days. Else 100% refund with no questions asked.

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Jai Prakash Marketing Agency is one of the known and reputed New York Ad Agency, USA. Our offices are also located in Los Angeles, San Luis Potosi – Mexico & Delhi –  India. With experience of more than 5 years we have served a lot of businesses in USA, Mexico & India. Our marketing techniques are helping lot of small businesses and corporate businesses to grow and meet with their business goals. Our Ad agency is dedicated towards our commitment of delivering results within 45 days. If not, we will love to refund your money back to you.

This commitment of ours of delivering results in 45 days makes us different from all other Ad Agencies in New York and anywhere else. Our packages are really affordable so that any business can take leverage from it. Our marketing experts works continuously to give you a world class experience with us and make your business as a brand on the internet.

We love helping and believe that helping is the best way to grow together. That is why our consultant are always here to help you and offer you free consultation whenever you need it. Either E-mail, phone call or have an appointment. We can help you in any way like you want. We are your Ad Agency.


What We Do

As being one of the best New York Ad Agency, we optimize the online presence of your business to drive better conversions. We track your campaign performance with every single move and prepare it into meaningful report which can help you to take better decisions for your business.

How We Can Help You

Whether you are a small business, corporate business, local shop, local store, eCommerce store or a service provider, we can help you to grow. We can help to improve your online presence and increase your potential clients database. Try our excellent services related to SEO, PPC, SMO and Data Analytics for up to 45 days and see the changes by yourself.

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Every single business is important to us. And we do our best to deliver the best. We do not work just to make you satisfied with the results. We work to make you amazed with the results.
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