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Best PPC Agency Los Angeles

An expert agency that understands PPC tactics

Have you ever wondered what PPC (Pay Per Click) is? How could it be beneficial for your business? Have you ever thought about how your competitors are getting clients online in just no time? Then the answer is pretty simple. PPC. It is a quick and cost-effective way to advertise your business on search engines and gain quick results. It helps for brand consideration and driving conversions, aka generating business leads, store visits, restaurant walk-ins and a lot more. PPC campaign is an excellent and fast way of bringing a large amount of traffic on your website. Also, when we regard it from the list of best PPC Agency Los Angeles, then these campaigns are said to be the fastest digital marketing strategies when appropriately optimized and used effectively. When you’ve got an essential budget, then you can go with PPC campaigns to bring results that matter to your business the most.

We’re Jai Prakash Marketing Agency, known as the best PPC management agency based in Los Angeles, California that offers multiple forms of PPC campaigns including social media campaigns. The most popular PPC form is advertisements through search engines. It works like, when someone searches for something by putting keyword in search engine, then sponsored links related to that particular keyword get displayed on search engine result page, and now when the person clicks on any website of his/her choice, the average cost of the keyword to obtain that positions get deducted from the account of the advertiser or website owner. Also, it represents that the person who has clicked is somehow interested in your business or in your services. You can also retarget those website visitors in comparatively low cost than normal PPC campaigns via remarketing campaigns. The whole PPC works on the bidding scenario. The main concern is to rank on those keywords, which of course our company has expertise in. You might think that if you invest more in PPC campaigns, you’ll get a boost in the top of the advertisement ranking. But that’s not the case, even if you triple the bidding amount of keywords it is possible that your ads won’t appear on the top or not even in the list. The reason is, there are multiple ranking factors for top positions in search engine result pages and our company has a grip over the same. We are the best PPC ad agency in Los Angeles, California and we do understand your business needs. Before running any PPC campaign we analyze your competitor’s strategies, so that we could gain the better position for your business on search engines’ result page. And can bring more results for your business.

Why Choose A2Z for PPC Services Los Angeles

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In Depth Researchers

We will analyze and research the whole of your business, competitor, and best marketing methodologies to bring out the best outcomes.

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Result Driven Campaign

We prefer metrics more than the assumptions. Based upon which we optimize campaigns to achieve better results and will be worth the investment.

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Minimum Expenditure

We know that spending the big quantity is not the right way unless we get a satisfactory return. Our strategies will reduce your marketing budget of up to 45%

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High Conversion Rates

PPC ads are meant to bring conversions, and so we do the same with your ad campaign. Less cost per click, better ranking and high conversion rates.

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Importance of PPC in Search Engines

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40% of Brands have increased their PPC budget.

Brands have increased their PPC budget.

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Among all the ads on first page, only top 3 ads receive 45% of total clicks

Total clicks are on top 3 1st page ads.

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Display advertisement increases traffic by 300%

Traffic increases by Display advertisement.

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PPC increases brand awareness by 80%

Brand awareness increases by PPC.

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92% consumers are attracted to online ads

Consumers are attracted to online ads.

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Traffic from PPC Campaigns is more likely to convert

Our PPC Campaign Management Process

PPC management process of our agency is straightforward. When we take a project for PPC management service or PPC campaign management, our primary and foremost motive is to understand the business needs and goals, we do it on the primary basis to properly understand your desired business situations. Once cleared, we work out on best ad strategies to run your business advertisement with in-depth analytics of your targeted audience. Just after it, we create a roadmap of the areas that we’ll be targeted to bring more leads. After that, we do in-depth keyword research that suits the most for your business. Then we create multiple campaigns for the split testing or A/B testing to choose the best performing and effective ads. We continuously monitor the performance of ad campaigns, and so we shift the budget to the well-performing ads. It helps to acquire a better position and generate fruitful leads. And that is how our company is quoted as the best agency of PPC Management Los Angeles.

Our 6 steps strategy includes:

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Comprehension of business needs and goals. It is done to make the next step easier and optimal for the PPC campaign.

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Depending upon the type of business we design website landing pages to bring out most of the leads for your business.

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We analyze the location where your ads may provide good results and conversions. We only run your PPC ads to those specific areas.

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Our experts will do an in-depth study of the keywords that are most suitable for your business to bring up the potential leads.

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We monitor every single activity in your ad campaign to make sure that we are not spending budget where it should not be.

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ROI Reports

At last, we create a report of all ad campaigns containing an initial and final number of leads generated for your business.

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    Different Platforms for PPC Marketing Los Angeles

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    Google Search Ads

    Primary platform for business owners to showcase their business advertisement to the targeted location and desired audiences. We help to increase the conversion by optimizing the ad quality so that you don’t pay excessive. We’re the best Google Ad agency that enhance the click ratio for any type of business.

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    Display Ads

    Display Advertising is a mode of online advertisement in which your business will appear in the form of display formats on other potential websites. This increases the chances of conversions as anyone visiting the website should be interested in your business too, as we only show ads on related and optimal niches.

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    Facebook Ads

    We create Facebook Ad campaigns for the audience which is most suitable for your business. With in-depth insight metrics and out analytical experience, we deploy the best methods to achieve exceptional results in lead generation. Facebook ads are suitable for B2B & B2C businesses.

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    Instagram Ads

    No doubt that Instagram has a good amount of engagement rate in comparison to other social media platforms. We sponsor the ads on Instagram to reach more extensive, targeted, and potential audience that fits to all your business or service requirements. Instagram is one of the best way for the businesses who are seeking brand consideration

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    Quora Ads

    Quora generates a huge amount of traffic every day on all kind niche. We prefer going with niches that are well suited for your business. We create insightful ads so that people who are interested in your business can be reached to you so that you could generate more revenue. According to metrics Quora Ads are suitable for B2C businesses.

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    LinkedIn & Twitter

    What makes Twitter & LinkedIn, a great place to advertise your business? Three times more followers than any other social media platform. As being PPC management agency in Los Angeles, California, we help business owners to increase followers, gain connections and drive traffic by using right category of hashtags and bring engagement with PPC.

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    Will my ad come on the top?

    Yes, we do in-depth research on keyword and other ranking factors to bring the best ad-rank for your advertisement.

    Does everyone sees my company's ad?

    Just in case you want. Else, we only show ads to those people who’re interested in your business or services or businesses related to yours.

    Is Google display network worth going?

    Yes, because Google has not turned itself into more intent-based ads, hence more optimal leads.

    If I triple the ad amount, will this bring more leads?

    Unless you optimize the whole ad campaign with proper keywords, you won’t generate leads, even after 10x of budget.

    Can I restrict where my ads should not display? Say areas?

    Yes, we can help you to exclude localities, places, cities, states, and countries.