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Google Ads, one of the most demanding marketing channels for almost every digital marketer. If you want to bring more leads, sales, and conversions, you should definitely go with Google Ads (initially Google Adwords). But wait, why so many people go with Google Ads?

Well, because it allows so many of features to us. You can target the most potential audience for your marketing campaign. And by the target, it simply means that you can set your targeted audience based on several factors that include age, gender, location, language, interest, and much more.

If you even ask any of the PPC Agency Los Angeles, you’ll get to know that they prefer Google Ads as their primary paid-ads marketing channel.

Within Google Ads, you get so many other possible features that make ad and marketing experience amazing.

Say you can create multiple ads in one Ad Group. But wait. Why should we create it?

Like, what’s the benefit of having multiple ads in an ad group?

To be honest, there is not just a single benefit, but there are many other benefits if you go with multiple ads in an ad group.

What the best PPC Agency Los Angeles does is it creates multiple ad groups, and within each group, they create multiple ads.

Again, why? Well, it allows them to find out which of the ads are performing well and which needs improvement.

That simply means, you can create multiple ad groups based on the audience type, within that you can create multiple ads, which allows you to bring more results.

Now the question comes, can’t we just go with a single ad in a single ad group?

Yes, you can go with it. But that will not be that beneficial. As if you go with multiple ads in a single ad group, you get several possibilities of targeted audiences based on their interaction and interest.

Apart from this, it becomes easier for marketers to do A/B testing, which results in optimal outcomes and helps in saving the marketing budget.

Just a view, Google Ads allow ad rotation for those multiple ads. Say if you’ve got an ad group X and within that, you run three ads (A, B, C) and when they go live, the second ad (B) is performing better than A and C.

Now what Google ad rotation algorithm will do is it will bring the focus from A and C to B., And this results in more goal achievement rates. Also, you can set the frequency cap, that means how many time that single ad should be shown to a user.

So if you’re planning to run Google Ads, you should also have multiple ads in an ad group.

What's a benefit of having multiple ads in an ad group?