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If we talk about doing digital marketing, what comes to our mind varies based on the niche of the business. The idea may hit SEO, SMO, SMM, and much more. But when we talk about getting instant results, we can not miss paid ads, as they’re the one who gives instant and potential results in a minimum amount of time.

And when we’re talking about paid-ads, no doubt Google Ads is the primary focus for almost every business.

There are many companies of PPC Management Los Angeles who prefer going with Google Ads. But what’s the actual reason?

To know the reasons, let us know the benefits of Google Ads:

  • Faster results than SEO
  • Better Brand Awareness
  • Direct Inbox Launch
  • Remarket with Website Visitors
  • Real-Time Performance Measurement
  • Competition Level is Same

and much more.

These are just a few of the benefits. If you go with Google ads, you’ll get several other options to run a successful ad. And the more you use Google ads feature the more results you’ll be generating for your business.

Apart from this, there is one more amazing service by Google known as Google Search Console. So what does it do? Well, Google Search Consoles helps to understand how your website is performing on the search results.

Here are a few more benefits of Google Search Console:

  • Find Index and Crawl Errors
  • Find Ranking Keywords and Queries
  • Find Linking Websites
  • Understand & Optimize Schema Markup
  • Find Broken Links

And likewise, we’ve more benefits.

You already know that Google Ads and Google Search Consoles are two different services delivering the best of them.

But do you know that you can link each other?

Yes, you can link your client’s google ads account to search console. But why should we link that?

About every company of PPC Management Los Angeles links both the accounts with each other.

Let us know about why do they do it?

When you link GSC account with Google Ads, you get a lot of in-depth knowledge of both paid and organic keywords.

With Google Ads, you only analyze the paid keywords, and with Search Console, you get to reach top organic keywords. But if you link up each other, it will help you better understand the ad campaigns and the type of keyword (paid or organic) getting clicks.

Many PPC Management Companies in Los Angeles link both accounts for almost every of their client. Linking gives more and more opportunities for marketers to measure and optimize the performance of the marketing campaign.

If you do so, you can easily find out which paid keyword is getting clicks and which needs improvement, likewise for organic keywords. You can do A/B testing on keywords to save a client’s marketing budget and to bring more optimal results.

Why should you link your client’s google ads account to search console?