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How Our Company Works

Analysing Your Requirements

Our main step is to analyse your requirements and making the blue print of suitable & best methods to perform SEO

Understanding Your Budget

Second step is to get aware of your marketing budget and the amount which you are willing to spend.

Finalizing The Deal With You

This is our last step of finalizing the deal and signing service contract to start the SEO process

Online Growth Is Gradual - No Magic

At Jai Prakash Marketing Agency, we believe that online growth in SEO is a gradual process which spread fragrance with the time and continuous practices. It is not one time hard work or a magic which will start working immediately. SEO – Search Engine Optimization has a standard time frame of 45-60 days to show the results. However, our company is dedicated to display those results within 45 days. Our experts keeps putting the water of hard work and fertilizer of dedication to the plant of your website SEO. We establish friendly environment and professional work ethics with our clients so that we can help them in the best way as we could. In case of any questions you could have, you can directly send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you within 60 minutes.

How Much SEO Cost?

So many people have the same question about SEO. Most of them have perception that SEO is something that cost $1000 USD every month and they can not afford it. But let us inform you that SEO is the name of a complete process which includes several set of actions like Content Writing, Display Submission, Video Advertising, Blogging, Directory Submission, Google My Business Optimization and lot more.

Depending upon your requirements, keywords which you want to use to display your website on search engines and the region you are targeting, pricing may vary. It doesn’t has fixed pricing and can be as low as $200 USD. And yes, every business can afford SEO with our Affordable SEO Packages.

Best SEO Company Los Angeles

The secret behind the success and being a best SEO company in USA lies in our customers. It is their trust which motivate us to work bit hard and providing amazing results. There are multiple online marketing companies all over the world and every company does their best to one of the best performing company but in this competition many of them forget about their customers. But we do not. Our customers are our priority. And this thing makes us different from all other internet marketing companies. 

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