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Do you know Negative or cheap SEO Services can impact your website or business rankings on Google search engine result pages? Has your website ever been suspected as a victim of negative SEO? Dive into deep to get the answers to these questions.


SEO is regarded as an essential marketing tactic to bring sales and revenue to your website. Many components need to be tied together to make the SEO campaign successful. One should take every single step carefully to avoid any harm to the website. A Negative or cheap SEO service leads to a lower down your rankings resulting in heavy losses.

Do you know how these cheap services may impact your rankings? Here is the answer. Before jumping directly to the answer, we are throwing some light on what is negative SEO.

Negative or Cheap SEO Services


Negative SEO happens when someone wants to lower the search engine rankings of a website. There are different ways people use to perform this. Link-based negative SEO is the most common form of negative SEO that is addressed, but some unscrupulous people also use several other tactics to reduce your rankings.

A Negative SEO attack can be in a variety of forms. Some are:

  1. Your website hacking
  2. Building hundreds or thousands of links to your website with spam
  3. Copying and sharing the material all over the Internet
  4. Pointing ties with keywords
  5. Developing fake social accounts and ruining your online reputation
  6. To remove the website’s best backlinks.

Every brand wants its name to grow that positively affects their business. They maintain PR to attract maximum customers and enhance their business sales. But due to the above-enlisted points (negative or cheap SEO services), a business or brand is adversely affected resulting in heavy losses.
Now, we are going to explore some of the ways with which you save your business from negative SEO attacks.

How to avoid negative SEO attacks?


Here is a list of ways with which you can keep your website safe:

Set up Email Notifications for Google Webmaster Tools


Link your website to the Google webmaster tools to get alerts in case of risks. There are many situations in which Google sends you notifications as alert messages. Some are:

  1. Malware has attacked your website.
  2. None of your pages are indexed.
  3. There are connectivity issues in the server.
  4. There is a manual penalty from Google.

Check your backlinks profile


To keep spammers from succeeding, this is the most effective step to take. They will most often conduct negative SEO against your website by creating links or redirects of poor quality.
Knowing when someone establishes links or redirects to your website is crucially important. There are many tools available online to keep track of your backlinks profile.

Safeguard Your Best Backlinks


Spammers will also frequently try to delete the best backlinks from you.
Usually, they contact the link owner of the website, using your name, and ask the webmaster to delete your backlink.

You can protect your best backlinks by:

  1. Keeping a track of your backlinks.
  2. While communicating with the webmasters, do not use Gmail or Yahoo. Instead, use your domain email address.
  3. Protect your website from hackers and malware attacks
  4. To secure your website you can perform things like:
  5. Make your password strong including special characters and numbers.
  6. In case your website allows for file upload, ask your hosting company how to install antivirus.
  7. Perform your file and database backup timely.

Track the Mentions on Social Media


Often using your company or website name, spammers can build fake accounts on social media. Before they start to get followers, aim to delete these profiles by reporting them as spam.

Do not be a target of SEO tactics of your own


By using strategies that are not acceptable to Google, make sure you do not damage your website rankings. Avoid things like:

  1. Do even think to make any link to the penalized websites.
  2. It is not advisable to publish any guest post of low quality.
  3. Never create backlinks in bulk using the “money keywords”.
  4. Do not buy links for SEO.

Duplicate Content Search


Content replication is one of the most common techniques spammers use. They copy the material of your website and post it wherever they can. There’s a significant chance that your website will be penalized and lose rankings if any of your material is duplicated.

Need more help?


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How Negative or Cheap SEO Services Hurt Your Website Rankings?