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When you make a web search on the search engines, you probably are looking for a solution or something related to it. We use search engines to solve any type of query that is possible, also, since we have less time to find out the most relevant content we do use search engines. That was enough, but wait when you open any of the websites you definitely be looking for a quick and instant jump to the most relevant section of the page and in that case you want to know how to search for words on a page. Don’t worry, we’ll get to it soon.

Now say, you’re searching for a term “SEO Services Los Angeles“, and you get many websites on the search engines results page, and you want to jump to the section that preferably offers the list of SEO services in Los Angeles, and so you can either go by scrolling and reading the page or just by finding the specific term or phrase.

Now the question comes how to search for words on a page?

Well, that is pretty easy as every browser has advanced functionalities to offer the tools and services to find out specific things on a website. But how to do that?

Say you’re using any browser (Chrome, Mozzila, Safari) or any. All you need to do is, just open the website in which you want to search the term.

Now click on the screen of the website (anywhere), and if you’re a Windows user you need to hit CTRL + F button to open search box, likewise for Mac users can hit COMMAND + F button to open the same box.

Now just type the query in the text field and hit Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac) this will show all the occurrences of that term in the page.

You just need to hit Enter or Return multiple times (if there are multiple occurrences) and you’ll be switched to that section.

There might also be a case when you’re searching for that term in the page then it may not be available. And in order to get that you need to follow a technique called Google Hacking.

Actually, this technique helps to filter out the results of the SERPs. How?

Let us know how to search a page for a word:

Google hacking offers a process to filter out results based on various factors such as if you search for site: followed the website, then it will only show results that contains the website.

For example, site:jai-chaudhary.com and then you can type your term like SEO Services Los Angeles, and when you hit enter you will see it has the results from that site only.

But it may happen that results don’t have the keyword, so to make it sure you can put it within double quotes that make it necessary for a result to show.

Example: site:jai-chaudhary.com “SEO Services Los Angeles.”

That is how you can find pages for that keyword.

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