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We are Jai Prakash Marketing Agency, a leading and one of the best Social Media Marketing Agency in Los Angeles – California. Also, located in San Luis Potosi – Mexico, New Delhi – India. With 5+ years of experience in Social Media Marketing, we have helped many businesses to grow and build a network of potential clients over all major social media platforms. 

Why Marketing On Social Media

Billion Users

8.98 Billion Mobile Users Around The World

Social Media Users

3.48 Billion Social Media Users

Average time

3 Hours On An Average Spend By Each User


70 Billion Searches Everday On Social Media

Growth Rate

Social Media Can Help You To Build Your Brand Of Upto



We Can Help You


Can promote your business on all major social media platforms effectively

Cost Saving

We can help you to save of upto 45% of your marketing budget with better conversion rate


Our experts can build your business as a brand within 45 days with effective techniques


What is Social Media?

Social Media is an online platform where people comes to get socialize with other people.

Do I Need Website For Social Media?

No. You do not need a website for Social Media Marketing. However you need a page to promote.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing refers to the set of techniques that you use to promote your business or services using Social Media Platform

Can i monitor my growth rate?

Yes, Ofcourse. You can track everything in Social Media Marketing. In Addition, we send weekly or monthly reports to our clients depending upon their preferences

How Much Does It Cost?

Social Media is a cost effective way to promote your business at very affordable prices. Cost vary upon the marketing goal

what else social media has to offer?

Social Media has a lot to offer depending upon your type of business and your marketing goals.

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