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What is SEO & Search Engine Ranking?

Let’s dive deeply into SEO and Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine: It is an online platform which allows advertisers or business owners to promote their businesses.
There are two ways to promote any business online:
1. When you pay to Search Engines for every Click ( When users click on your promotion or advertisement listed on search engine result page. Works in Search Network )  Called PPC ( Pay Per Click ) or for impressions ( when users see your advertisement. Works in Display Network ) Called CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression ).  As you are paying to search engines in this method so the results will be faster. As fast as within 24 hours. 
2. When you do not pay anything to search engines for your business advertisement. It is called organic search listing. SEO works here.
Now, if you search on Google “What is SEO?” or “What SEO means?” 8 Out of 10 will give these definitions:
> Search Engine Optimization is a process of ranking your website on Google or on Bing
> Search Engine Optimization is the process to optimize your website on search engines
> Search Engine Optimization is the process to keep your website on top for free
Or even if you try to talk with SEO service providers or with top SEO experts to promote your business, they will tell you tons of ways through which they can put your website on Top. And will give you the quotation of thousands of bucks every month. But, Is this is what you are looking for? Is that what SEO means to you? If yes, then this time you need to change your thinking. Why so? Because this is not Search Engine Optimization and this is not what successful businesses want.
Here is the real definition of SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the process of driving conversions to your business organically using search engine platforms. SEO is not about traffic, it is about bringing right conversions or accomplishing business goals.
Every business has goals & they need conversions to accomplish those goals. Even if your website is on top but it is not helping you to achieve your business target or to accomplish your KPI then it means nothing to you. And you will end up at wasting your money and time. But if your website is at number 3 or number 4 position on search engine result page and giving you continuous business leads or helping you to get the conversions that meet with your business expectations then you will not care about the position. This is what I said above in the definition. 
There are also 2 important facts about SEO

* First – This is a big lie when people say that with SEO you can drive traffic “FOR FREE”. There is nothing free in this world. Even in this, you have to keep investing money every month to drive conversions. Maybe not as much as you will have to in PPC.

* Second – It is not one time job. Like when you see your website on top, you stop working on it. Google keeps crawling your website and needs reasons to display your business or website in top listings to the user.


How To Do Fruitful SEO & Drive Conversions ?

First thing we would say that “Stop Thinking About Be On Top & Have A Lot Of Traffic”. Ask from yourself that why anybody would be interested in your business or in visiting your business website? If you can find the answer then design your website according to that and let the users decide how much beneficial you are to them.

SEO & Questions

Why Users Will Decide Anything About My Website ?

These users can be your potential customers. If they love what you are offering then they would want to make a purchase from you.

What Google Algorithm Means To My Website In SEO ?

Google doesn’t says anywhere that you need to understand its algorithm completely. It just ask you to deliver quality.

How To Deliver Quality To The Searchers?

Users come on Google for specific reasons like I want to know, I want to go, I want to do, I want to buy. Just give the right answer of what they are looking for

What About Link Building, Anchor Texting ETC?

It is just a small factor in SEO. Just make your visitors happy and give them a smooth experience when they visit your website. Machine learning captures user’s search intent and then reward you on basis of that

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